Die Katze ist aus dem Sack ! Soeben (Samstag, Ortszeit: 20.40 Uhr) wurden die neuen Husqvarna Modelle 2014 in einem Strandhaus im Schwedischen Stenunsgbaden enthüllt. Wir waren dabei und werden morgen, Sonntag, die ersten Runden drehen. Anbei die ersten Videos der neuen Bikes auf unserer Facebook-Site. Alles weitere über die neuen Blau/Weiss/Gelben in Bälde. Schöne Grüße aus Schweden. Zu den ersten Bildern und Videos...

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Husqvarna back to Swedish roots to launch 2014 model range:
Husqvarna, the brand with Swedish origins and a rich history of racing success on Saturday October 5, 2013 presented its new 2014 model range of motocross and enduro bikes to the international media in Uddevalla, home of the annual MXGP of Sweden. 

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By choosing the Swedish venue for the model launch, Husqvarna Motorcycles paid homage to the brand's long and distinguished associations with the country.

Husqvarna was a major protagonist in the pioneering era of motocross especially in the late 1950s and 1960s with legends like Bill Nilsson, Torsten Halmann and Rolf Tibblin. This tradition continued in the 1970s with riders like Bent Aberg and Heikki Mikkola, and era when American heroes like Malcolm Smith also chose Husqvarna as their racing weapon of choice.

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In keeping with the brand's core business, the new Husqvarna model range focuses on offroad competition bikes for both motocross and enduro racing disciplines. The range underlines the Husqvarna tradition of top quality as expressed in the six new motocross bikes, including an 85 cc minicross bike for the youngest offroad riders, and seven enduro models.

Now with the re-launch of the brand, Husqvarna is set to satisfy today's leading riders in the two racing disciplines by delivering a full range of high performance machines. All Husqvarna motorcycles are manufactured in the production hub of Mattighofen in Austria, a plant considered one of the most advanced in Europe.

All of the 2014 Husqvarna bikes feature a super light chromium molybdenum steel frame with polyamide rear subframe, a completely new innovation for motocross machines. They all have advanced, fully adjustable WP suspension and are driven by powerful and reliable engines ensuring they are firmly positioned at the top end of the offroad segment.

1006 FE-TE Chassis

Motocross range

The new Husqvarna range illustrates a loyalty to the popular two-stroke machines in both 125 and 250 cc displacements. The range includes 250, 350 and 450 four-stroke models plus the 85 cc minicross, ensuring there is a model of choice for every customer.

With innovation at the forefront, Husqvarna offers technical details completely new to motocross such as the polyamide rear subframe, which ensures both improved stability and flexibility. This allows the subframe to spring back into its original position very easily while at the same time offers optimal protection for air filter, battery and electric cables.

Enduro Model Range

For 2014 Husqvarna offers a big range of very competitive two and four stroke high-tech enduro bikes. The TE125, 250 and 300 cc with two stroke engines goes together with the four stroke FE250, 350, 450 and 501 cc. All models feature the advanced WP 4CS closed cartridge front fork with four separate chambers, which represents a premium class, front-end suspension system. The enduro range – except the TE125 – feature electric starters.

The rear features an advanced shock with linkage system especially developed for enduro use, which is robust and effective for easy handling over rough terrain and for absorbing big hits. At the same time, the bikes are designed to provide optimal traction over smaller ruts and bumps.

The new Husqvarna 2014 models are available from all authorized European Husqvarna dealers from the beginning of November 2013.